People look for protein supplements for various reasons. Some of these include failure to eat meat, trying to bulk up or maybe for some dietary reasons such as they can’t eat foods with proteins. One of the protein supplements that is currently in the market is Biohealth Precision Blend powder.


In detail

It is designed as a dietary supplement with an aim of boosting up the protein content in your diet. It’s made from the combination of processed whey protein isolate and concentrated whey protein. It also contains two beneficial and widely known components which are free from any version of L-Glutamine and Branched Chain Amino Acids. These two components strengthen the muscles and supply them with energy to ensure that they don’t break down under stress such as which body builders experience during their workouts.

An added advantage about the Biohealth Protein is that its gluten free and has low fat content. It’s also available in a several flavors which gives you a chance to choose one that suits your taste. These include vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. In terms of consumption, it can easily be incorporated into a variety of foods. For example, it can be mixed with liquids like water or milk or added to baking mixes or even yogurt. You therefore are at liberty to choose how you like to ingest it.

Other ingredients present in this product include fruit sugar from beets, milk, whey, soy, vegetable gum, and medium chain triglyceride and soy lecithin. The milk is obtained from cows that have not been given the rBGH bovine growth hormones. It contains zero artificial sweeteners and it’s also good for Lacto-Vegetarians. Each scoop provides the consumer with at least 20 grams of protein.



For pregnant or nursing women, kindly consult your doctor before making any use of Biohealth Precision Blend Protein.

In order to keep the product fresh, store it in a cool and dry place away from any sunlight or moisture.


In conclusion

This product acts as a great protein supplement for your diet. The use of this product will help you to achieve your goal of either building up your body or gaining more energy to help you go about your day to day tasks. The fact that it can be ingested in a wide variety of ways makes it all the more appealing. It tastes great when mixed in milk, water, baked goods or any other foods the consumer would wish to mix it in. Looking to supplement your protein intake? Try this product today.